Regular maintenance keeps Bobi looking good and functioning for years

The letterboxes are often located by the side of the road and exposed to traffic pollution and other impurities in the air.
Together with rain, UV radiation and winter conditions these impurities put a strain on the coating and the lock. Annual maintenance is recommended to extend the lifespan of the letterbox.

Cleaning of polyester coated letterboxes

washWash. Use a mild cleaning agent (eg washing up liquid)

rinseRinse well...

dry...and dry the surface with a soft cloth

waxA clean surface may be polished with car wax. A polished surface will repel dirt better. (However, do not use wax on the structural coating)

oilLubricate the lock with a quality oil lubricant.

readyCheck that the letter plate and the access door move freely.

Bobi letterboxes are durable products and with regular care they will stay looking good and functioning for years.


Cleaning of stainless steel letterboxes

For cleaning of Bobi stainless steel products, we recommend using a clean cloth, mild cleaning agent and water like above. If this does not remove all the scale, you may use a special stainless steel cleaner to clean the surface. This will degrease the letterbox and leave a protective film.

Please note:
1. Never use a scrubbing brush, this may cause irreparable damages to the stainless steel.
2. Always polish in the direction of the stainless steel. When you polish against the direction of the steel, scratches and colour variations may occur.
3. Always polish the whole letter box to ensure a homogenous finish without any colour variations.

From experience we know that in some instances brown rust spots may appear on your letterbox. In such cases, we recommend you clean your letterbox with a special stainless steel cleaner containing oxalic acid, for example Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover or Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Power Cream. If you are unsure as to which cleaner to use, please contact our customer services.