Groupmounting on a BOBI LINK stand

BOBI LINK stand for groupmounting is installed between the letterboxes. It fits all "roundtop" Bobi letterbox modells (not BOBI BELLA and BOBI XPRESS). All fittings and fixing instructions are included.
For installing you need: A drill, 6-7 mm drillbit for steel, a vacuum cleaner, a screwdriver, a tape measure and a spade to dig the mounting hole.
The mounting hole is filled with concrete. We recommend adding rebar to the concrete or using a steel reinforced concrete base for a secure and solid installation. If you are uncertain about the placement please contact your local postoffice prior to your installation. More measurement information for installation here.

drill06There are preformed markings for fixing holes on the sides of the letterbox.

drill05Place the letterbox side down on a surface that will not scratch it.

Using a 6-7 mm drillbit for steel...

drill03Drill out the holes with low speed and clean the holes and remove all the metal remnants. Be careful not to scrach the surface. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to ensure all the small metal parts are removed from the holes, seams and bottom of the letterbox. Otherwise, metal remnants can, over time, start to rust.

dig01Dig a ca. 40 cm deep mounting ditch.

link01Assemble the group...

link02... and fasten the parts together.

link08A readymade group is lifted to the mounting ditch

link03Check the proper height...

link05Straight and ready ...

link04A rebar (6 mm) can be fitted into BOBI LINK stands ... Pour concrete in the hole.

link06... almost ready...



Write down and save the key code.