Locks and keys

BOBI lock

classicAll "roundtop" BOBI letterboxes are equipped with BOBI lock. It is a quality cylinder lock with a dustcover. 3 keys are included.

Need extra keys? Check below.

The lock can also easily be  changed to a BOBI keyless lock. Check below. 

bobi lock with 2 keys

Extra keys for BOBI lock

If you need extra keys; duplicates or replacements, you can order them also.

Your unique key number is marked on each key you received when you purchased BOBI letterbox. The number should read KT or TK +4 Numbers, f.ex. KT3181

 bobi key number

BOBI keyless lock.

Prefer an unlocked letterbox? BOBI and XPRESS locks can also easily be changed to a BOBI keyless lock. 

thumb latch